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Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Gebrian, M.
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In: 8th Architecture in Perspective. Ostrava: Fakulta stavební, Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava, 2016. pp. 1-258. ISBN 978-80-248-3940-0.
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Abstract (English) Compositional Archontextures is my new direction in Architecture. Compositional is derived from the word composition. The composition in this case means to combine, the action and the way in which the matter is composed. This means to compose elements, structures and shapes in reference to construction of color and light, results of merger, combination. The word Archontexture is to represent the meaning of: a) Archon[1]: to identify, manage, establish rules, to begin and b) Texture: manufacture, structure, merge, build. Compositional Archontextures could be seen as digital art, digital sculptures and digital images, objects in Virtual Reality, video game and Architecture. The aim of the research is to investigate how the Compositional Archontextures can apply in architecture. How can be my artistic spatial 2D images transferred into 3D forms. The transmission via various software for videos, virtual reality, 3D models, also via moving structures is being investigated. The research seeks for the answers of what mechanisms and materials can be used for generation of such and how can this, in its first point purely artistic work, influence architectural field both, the design process and its representation. My argument is that the rise of new technologies and tools also require reconsideration of the traditional methods and that this might lead to creation of new architectural spaces and atmospheres.

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