With regard to the current government regulation in an emergency, all CONTACT teaching at the FA CTU is suspended until further notice.


Coronavirus: Contact persons at the Rectorate

Register into the help system:
Ms. Ivana Kinkalová
Mobile: +420 724 176 314
Phone: +420 22435 3672
E-mail: Ivana.Kinkalova@cvut.cz

Contact person for incoming Erasmus & Exchange students:
Mr. Jaroslav Krpec, Incoming Student Coordinator, International Office
Phone: +420 224 353 495
E-mail: Jaroslav.Krpec@cvut.cz

Contact person for foreign self paying students:
Ms. Erika Ľahká, Study at CTU Project Coordinator
Phone: +420-22435-3401
E-mail: Erika.Lahka@cvut.cz

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