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The Rector authorized individual consultations in the contact form and the holding of state examinations

In connection with the release of measures concerning coronavirus quarantine, CTU Rector Vojtěch Petráček issued a fifth amendment to his Rector's Order No. 07/2020. Starting April 20, it specifies the conditions under which it allows individual consultations in contact form in CTU buildings for students of the last years of study. From April 28, contact state final examinations can be held.

published on 20. 4. / updated on 22. 4. 2020

From April 20, 2020, individual consultations in CTU buildings may be held in contact with students of the last years of study, in the presence of no more than 5 persons, if their supervisors agree to do so in accordance with the principles set out in this order and if they will accepet the appropriate measures.

Conditions for students entering the FA CTU building

Due to individual consultations, only students who have a bachelor's or diploma projects registered in the summer semester can enter the building. At the reception they shall present a valid student ID card and their identity will be verified in the list. Students who have come to the building to pass the state exam will also be allowed to enter the school. All are obliged to use respiratory protective equipment (face masks) and to fill out a solemn declaration of the absence of a viral disease throughout their stay at school.

Dates and place of consultations are announced by the supervisors and consultants of the final works in person or through their secretariats. Students will receive an invitation to the state examination, including the exact time of the examination, to the e-mail address given in KOS.

"We reckon that the relevant students could start going to school from Monday, April 27," said the Vice-dean for Education, prof. Irena Šestáková with the fact that before that it is necessary to prepare rooms and ensure sufficient disinfectants. Prof. Šestáková also reminded that other studios continue to consult in a non-contact form and students do not have access to the school.

The full text of the current entry conditions, including a declaration of non-viral disease, can be found here.

State Exams

The amendment supplements information on the suspension of all examinations, defenses and graduations so that, as of April 28, 2020, students of the last years of study may participate in contact state final examinations (“SE”) in the presence of no more than 4 committee members in CTU buildings. The other members of the committee must be connected remotely; the distance between persons must be at least 2 meters.

Lending of study literature renewed

Another modification of the current version of the Rector's Order No. 07/2020 concerns the issue of study literature from the CTU Central Library, which is possible, but only on the basis of reservations (electronically via the library catalog) through the dispensing window in the CTU Card Center (at Bechyňova 2571 / 3, Prague 6). Books / scripts borrowed from the library in Dejvice cannot be returned yet. The loan period is extended until further notice without penalty. Publications borrowed from local libraries can only be returned to them. 

Lending and returning of study literature is also provided at local libraries of the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, at the Faculty of Transport and at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering. However, it only applies to books registered here.

The issue period is set for Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm. 

The full version of Amendment No. 5 to the Rector's Order No. 07/2020 including the Solemn Declaration for the absence of symptoms of viral infectious disease can be found in the downloadable attachment.

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