Conditions for entering the school for students from April 27, 2020

Surely you have noticed a new government regulation, which has been in force since Monday, April 27, 2020, that not only students of the last years can also start attending individual consultations, practical teaching and internships at a university or university library. However, it is still true that the consultations will be announced in advance for a specific date and can be attended by a maximum of 5 people. Apart from the above-mentioned consultations, the school is still closed to students. Teaching is contactless.

At the moment, we are waiting for the response of the Rector, so please wait for the dates of consultations to be announced. We expect to have some reaction from the Rectorate on Monday. At the moment, it is still true that only students processing final projects or students passing the state exam can go to school for a pre-arranged individual consultation.

Thank you for your help in implementing the teaching under constantly changing conditions.

prof. Ing. arch. Irena Šestáková
Vice-dean for Education FA ČVUT


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