The Rector issued two new orders related to coronavirus measures at CTU

Order No. 09/2020 of April 28, 2020 regulates the conditions for ensuring the study and implementation of examinations at CTU, these are transitional and exceptional measures aimed at ensuring the study and enabling the performance of examinations, assesments, graded assesments, defenses, state final and state doctoral examinations, etc. Order No. 10 2020 replaces Order No. 07/2020 and issues measures that all persons at CTU are obliged to observe. It will enter into force on May 4, 2020.

Study and examination measures

The CTU examinations can take place in a remote way, where the physical presence is replaced by the use of electronic means (platforms) of distance communication, in a semi-contact way, where all members of the examination committee are not simultaneously present in the room with the student taking the exam or in a contact way. The preferred method of holding the exam is remote.

The guarantor of the course or program will decide on the use of a specific method of holding the exam. The specified end of the course must not be changed.

If the student is not able to participate in the exam in the specified form, he / she will send an application to the dean through the International Office. The order further specifies the conditions and rules of distance exams. Physical participation of the public in some examinations is exceptionally excluded during the period of validity of this order, but the public inspection will be replaced by a record of the course of the examination, which will be archived for 5 years.

The full text of the Rector's order 09/2020 is available here

Measures valid for all persons at CTU

Students of all years study can consult individually in the CTU buildings, in the presence of a maximum of 5 people in the room. It is possible to conduct laboratory or seminar classes (in the case of FA also workshops) in a contact manner, again in the presence of a maximum of 5 people. The professor will send students an invitation to participate in contact classes. If the student proves serious reasons, he / she does not have to participate in contact teaching. If the given part of the teaching is necessary for the completion of the course, the student will solve it with the dean through the International Office.

CTU employees and students are required to become familiar with daily current information on the situation regarding the CTU's procedure in the matter of coronavirus on the CTU website and to follow the instructions given there. In an extraordinary regime, CTU employees are allowed to eat in the Technical Canteen.

Students arriving from abroad may not stay in the premises and operations of CTU for 14 days and are obliged to isolate themselves from contact with other persons during this period. Any symptoms of influenza or respiratory diseases must be reported immediately to the coordination point of the CTU support system and contact a doctor or hygiene station (tel. 733 673 949 or 733 673 900 at night).

The full text of the Rector's order 10/2020 is available here.

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