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Our students scored at the Young Architect Award competition

The jury of the Young Architect Award competition awarded the studio works of Ludmila Haluzíková from the Novotný – Koňata – Zmek studio, Eliška Olšanská from the Sitta studio and Lucie Gažiová from the Redčenkov – Danda studio. The winners received the award on Wednesday, 8. 9. 2020 at the CAMP Center for Architecture and Urban Planning in Prague.

The Young Architect Award competition focuses on the work of young starting architects and their involvement in the creation of quality public space. Its aim is to map the work of young starting architects, help them find a place in the contemporary architectural scene, involve them in the creation of quality public space and bring broad architecture closer. The jury sent to the finals 11 works that best dealt with the topic of Architecture and Landscape in the City.

The main YAA 2020 award and the CEMEX Young Architect Award were awarded to Ludmila Haluzíková from the Novotný – Koňata – Zmek studio, which aims to increase the broadly defined biodiversity of the city and strengthen the ecological function of selected places. The jury greatly appreciated the conceptual approach to selected issues of city planning as a whole. "The approach, professionalism and ability of analytical and conceptual thinking is a promise for such a young author that we are upbringing a new generation of architects, urban planners, who will respond responsibly to the issue of urban planning, to address global issues," said the jury.

Eliška Olšanská from the Sitta studio won the CTU Rector's Award for school work for the Parco Agri-kolo project. The author is working on the now inaccessible urban wilderness near the center of Florence to enable its functional involvement in the body of the city, the lives of its inhabitants, who would find much-needed refreshment in a new paradise garden, layered to fantastic. The concept elaborates a harmonious harmony with the morphology of the terrain, from olive groves and orchards on the slopes to vineyards and meadows grazed by sheep to a central community center of exalted circular shape (called Agri-kolo) with a bridge levitating over the water surface herbs. The jury appreciates the thoughtful elaboration in context as well as the professional presentation of the design, which qualitatively belongs to the best in the competition.

Lucia Gažiová, who designed the Grössling Spa in Bratislava in the Redčenkov – Danda studio, won the TUL Rector's Award for school work. Her design deals with a dilapidated area in the center of Bratislava right on the Danube embankment. In accordance with the city's intention, the author decided to restore the original function of the spa and add a library. The jury appreciates the architectural quality of the newly created multifunctional space, where the author's concept of conveying the impression of an ancient experience using the characteristic features of the ancient Roman baths was fulfilled. At the same time, we managed to sensitively implement high-quality contemporary architecture with a well-thought-out layout and the inclusion of terraces creating a pleasant space in the inner atrium. The jury also positively evaluates the excellent graphic design of the presentation. The project is a shining example of what the transformation of a disparate crumbling building in the city center into a living multifunctional space bringing new life back to the place can look like.

Other prizes:

Architect Josef Hlávka Award
Anna Svobodová from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Miroslav Šik Studio of Architectural Creation / School for the Strahov Bastion project

Award of the Minister of the Environment
Lukáš Drda from Politecnico di Torino, Michele Bonino, Marco Simonetti for the project Low-energy traditional district

YIT main partner award
Jakub Kender and Hugo Marek from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Miroslav Šik's studio of architectural creation / school for the project Vnitroblok Mečislavova

More detailed information on the competion website.

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