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Eliška Olšanská won the Special Design Prize at the Inspireli Awards

Eliška Olšanská, a graduate of the Landscape Architecture Program and a former student of the Sitta-Chmelová studio, won the Special Design Prize in the Inspireli Lumion Prize category of the International Student Architectural Inspireli Awards with her Parco Agri-kolo diploma project. This is the second award for the project, for which Eliška Olšanská recently received also the CTU Rector's Award in the Young Architect Award 2020.

Eliška Olšanská competed in a category in which the best 3D visualisations of student projects designed in Lumion software were evaluated. The student's project can be viewed at the FA's online exhibition of studio projects or on the competition's web site. A total of 1336 students from 106 countries entered the fifth year of the competition this year. The overall winners were Mariam Jacob and Nada Khalaf of the United Arab Emirates, who designed a processing facility, market and food hall in Marrakech, Morocco.

INSPIRELI AWARDS is currently the largest student global architectural competition. It emphasizes the freedom of assignment, whereby students can fully demonstrate their talents in a project of their choice. The competition is two-round, with the winners decided by nearly 500 architects from 101 countries around the world. Participation in the competition is free, so it is also open to creators who would not make it because of economic barriers.

The award ceremony for the winners took place, due to epidemiological measures, on Thursday 5 November by online stream from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the CTU in Prague, which is co-organiser of the competition along with the Czech Technical University in Prague. Candidates could watch the ceremony on social media.

An overview of all awards and a list of awards is available here.

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