Complete information for students and staff of the Faculty of Architecture, CTU regarding the measures taken to reduce the risk of infection with coronavirus Covid-19.


How will the exams be held?

The procedure for holding exams in relation to measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection is governed by Rector's Order No. 21/2020, currently including Amendment No 1. of 15. 1. 2021.

What is the current stage of emergency in Prague?

Currently, it adjusts the degree of emergency PES - Anti-epidemic system of the Czech Republic, according to the current epidemiological situation.

You can find all the details on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Specific recommendations for schools and school facilities can be found in this table.

I am a techer. Which lectures will be streamed?

All lectures and other activities in which more than 30 students and employees are associated are not allowed to organize in contact form. Lectures held in large lecture halls on the ground floor, which have the technical background, can be broadcast live from the lecture hall according to the school schedule (stream) or it is also possible to pre-record lectures and hand over it to the staff who is in charge of the stream in the lecture halls. The streamed lecture is archived and the teacher publishes the generated link in MOODLE.

You can find more about the rules of teaching in the Dean's Regulation regulating the operation of the faculty in AR 2020/2021 of 16. 9. 2020.

The manual for streaming lectures for teachers can be downloaded here.

MS Teams for non-studio courses

A team on MS Teams will be established centrally via VIC CTU for all non studio courses of Czech and English study programs in the winter semester.

Once the teams are established, Veronika Kastlová will send all teachers a list of team names for the given subjects - the team must then be approved by the pedagogue in MS Teams to be displayed to students (if the teacher does not want to use the teacher, he or she will not approve it and the team will not be displayed to students).

Teams for studios and ZANs must be based on MS Teams manually by a studio leader or an assistant, if help is needed, please send a list of names of students in the studio or ZAN.

MS Teams for studio courses

Teams for studios and ZANs must be set up manually by each studio leader or assistant at MS Teams, if help is needed, please contact Veronika Kastlová and send her a list of names of students in the studio or ZAN.

Where should I report that I am in quarantine or that I have been diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19?

updated on 19. 9. 2020

Persons (students or employees of FA CTU) who have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection, or persons who are in the ordered quarantine, are obliged to immediately report this fact to the faculty secretary Ing. Jana Tóthová via email (

Students are required to provide additional information:

  • with whom othe persons from CTU they met
  • at which faculties they study at CTU
  • in the case staying in dormitory, state the dormitory, block and room
  • any requirement to provide quarantine accommodation (this also applies to students who are not currently accommodated in dormitories).

Employees are required to:

  • notify their superior immediatelly
  • with whom othe persons from CTU they met

The responsible person (FA Secretary) will send e-mail information to the heads of the departments of all affected areas, in the case of accommodation on the dormitory to the head of the relevant dormitory. Only a positive test report needs to be sent to e-mail:

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