Erasmus Exhibition

Spaces Between Spaces


Residential project for disabled people, located in a quiet neighbourhood of single-family houses with a maximum of one to three floors called Černošice. We highlight in the location the abundance of green essence of the place that is intended to be preserved as much as possible in the project and project it in homes with green roofs. In addition to a residential project, it intervenes in the surrounding urban connections and in the creation of public space. Shelter houses for disabled people require some facilities which architecture has to work in. All the project sets up on one floor, there isn’t any step and it helps in case of some physical disability, at the same time communication between the guests is easier. There are three small communities with six different rooms.

my key experience from erasmus

I come from a completely different climate, here I realised the huge importance of materials and the different layers of the buildings, the efficiency of the houses has a positive impact on the quality of life and the environment. In addition, how people works and how studios are organised are very different, such as sharing classes with second-year students while I am in my last year. Some of these changes are very interesting and I wish I had them at my home university.

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