Student projects

Footbridge Horoměřická  

doc. Ing. arch. Radek Lampa, Fedor Yurchenko, Maxim Petricov

4th place in the architectural competition Prague 6 in 2018


The footbridge concept is an elegant line winding through the landscape and responding smoothly to the height and ground plan requirements. It provides faster barrier-free access to kindergarten and high school from Pod Beránkou Street, and a faster and more comfortable way to public transport.

The bridge construction concept reacts humbly to the surrounding buildings and trees. A non-high-rise design, light and clear, does not prevent pedestrians and cyclists from seeing. The footbridge architecture uses minimalist sculptural morphology. The footbridge is made of reinforced concrete, supported by subtle steel supports.

We suggest not to make a ramp in the middle of the bridge because the horizontal distance a person travels through a ramp or sidewalk is almost the same. The project is thus significantly cheaper. The climb is not so steep, it is more pleasant especially for handicapped citizens. Its use will be minimal in relation to mainstream communication. The footbridge without this cross ramp is even more architecturally interesting and cleaner.

The project won 4th place in a single-phase open design architectural design competition announced by the City District of Prague 6 in 2018.

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