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Student projects

Kiton hanger

Vít Bednář

Winner of the Olověný Dušan 2019 competition in the Design category, Jaroš – Bednář studio

Above all, the jury appreciated how elegantly and simply at the same time the author took on such a common to necessary design assignment.

Jury evaluation:

At first, as a jury, we ignored the plywood hanger a bit. It often happens that quality design has a certain degree of obviousness, which at first glance prevents full appreciation. It was only through debate and comparison with other works that the wooden hanger began to stand out above all other works.

The design and overall concept works unlike other student work at all levels.

The basic level of styling and functionality is of a high standard. A very elegant silhouette with a spectacular opening that was created in the center by gluing the segments together works perfectly. The hanger is also flat and wide enough not to damage more expensive and susceptible types of clothing.

Then there is the production aspect. The veneer pressing and bending technology is primitive, the bending types are not particularly challenging here, and using cnc machines, repeatability and production costs should not be a problem.

The final issue for each product is the right to exist. A good designer should be able to correctly analyse what type of product he is designing, and why and for whom it should be. There are frequent exhibitions on the hanger theme, "Look how cleverly I bent the wire into the shape of a hanger" or various low-cost solutions made of cardboard, or other recycled materials. But these are dead ends. There are millions of ultra-cheap more or less functional plastic or wooden hangers on the market. There is no need for more of those. But what the market lacks today is a hanger that can be a full part of the interior, both private and public. Bednař's hanger is just like that. Although it was created as a product for a particular company and its needs, I am sure a large number of people would get excited if they could also buy such a hanger at their home.


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