Student projects

Vague Prague

Ludmila Haluzíková

Winner of the Young Architect Award 2020, Novotný – Koňata – Zmek studio

Jury evaluation:

The author analyses vague areas of Prague – neglected undeveloped places that lack identity, productivity, function, places whose potential remains untapped. These places are then divided into two categories. The first is urban wilderness with high biodiversity, awaiting new use. The second category is undeveloped places organized by man, founded and maintained by him. These are areas that are, at first glance, sound, well-groomed, and while essentially unusable in terms of social and urban functions, they are perceived by most societies as valuable, environmentally functional, and beneficial in addressing global climate change, the warming of the planet. These include green public areas of housing estates or green residual areas of transport structures and others.

The author takes a closer look at the latter and wonders how to manage them in reflecting today's environmental issues in the city. In selected places in Prague, they try to apply measures in the area of blue and green infrastructure that will lead to increased biodiversity, evacuation, accumulation, and filtration of rainwater. It seeks a way of working with these places that would give them meaning, function, fundamentally strengthen their ecological function.

The jury greatly appreciated the conceptual approach to the selected issue of city planning as a whole. The approach, professionalism, and ability to think analytically and conceptually hold promise for such a young author that we are growing a new generation of architects, urban planners, who will stand up responsibly to the issue of urban planning, to address global issues.

The jury also hopes that the author will look further into this subject and will look beyond strengthening the ecological function of vague places to enhance their social and urban function.

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