Student projects

Parco Agri-kolo

Eliška Olšanská

CTU Rector's Award in the Young Architect Award 2020 competition, Sitta – Chmelová studio

Jury evaluation

The author is working on the now inaccessible urban wilderness near the center of Florence to allow its functional involvement in the city, the life of its inhabitants who would find much needed refreshment in a new paradise garden, layered to fantastic which in harmony with the morphology from olive groves and orchards on the slopes to vineyards and meadows grazed by sheep to a central community center of an exalted circular shape (called Agri-kolo) with a bridge levitating over the water of a forested wetland and a center of gravity filled with flower and herb beds. The jury appreciates the thoughtful elaboration in the context as well as the professional presentation of the design which qualitatively belongs to the best in the competition.

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