Student projects

Praha - re_vision/Bohdalec

Vanda Kotková

1st place in the Urban Design Award 2018/2019 competition



In the project, the author designs a neighborhood with a diverse development that uses its potential but also develops it and comprehensively processes the difficult topic of one of the key sites for the development of the city, the large development area of Bohdalce-Slatin. The panel praised its clear process and thorough analysis as well as the quality of the proposal. The jury also positively assessed that the author thinks in layers, suggesting hotspots (centers of its development) and directions of permeability.

Jury evaluation:

The content of the submitted project provides a comprehensive assessment of the rather comprehensive, and therefore certainly uneasy, topic that the issue of urbanisation of a large development area is unquestionably. The author proceeds in an intelligible form from the analytical part, where she highlights the potential positives and negatives of the territory, to the design part, in which she then applies the previous lessons learned to complete the existing urban fabric with a relatively good structure with a new one. However, the solution to the proposal is not unilaterally targeted, but comprehensively coordinates both the elements of the urban landscape and the elements of the city landscape (streams and green belts), including the layout of the public space and its key sites, or the framework location of civic amenities.

It is also important to underline that, from the outset, the author has placed emphasis on capturing wider contexts and looking for logical continuity in the operation of city-wide systems (e.g. in the case of green infrastructure elements or transport elements). Logically, the author attributes the plots to a hierarchy (she thinks in layers), suggests hotspots of territory (centers of its development) and directions of permeability. From these, the chosen type of development – urbane blocks that adequately approximate their density to the wider centre – unfolds. The chosen height level in this location corresponds to the given ideas about the height of the development there, and its suitability is also confirmed by the author's developed sectional views.

The student's overall work could therefore be described as a very successful form of possible insight into the future development of the large development area of Bohdalce-Slatin area, and she is entitled to receive the award.

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