Student projects

Porcelain tap stand and beer coasters

Nikola Mikulecká

Winner of the Best in Design 2020 competition in the Product & Industrial Design category, Jaroš – Bednář studio


Nikola Mikulecká's tap stand, which she processed as her diploma project, has three important features. It is made of porcelain. It is clean. It is simple. By combining these three characters, a remarkable combination of universality can be achieved in the interior. Simplicity and purity, these inseparable sisters of functionalism, have not lost their power in more than a century. The china is visually noble, its colour and shine makes it very easy to combine with other equipment and materials. It can combine curves into one, so that it feels complete and regal. All without attracting undue attention to itself. Plus, it is easy to wash.

Another part of the set is a collection of beer coasters. It does not try to be a novelty, but rather supports the tendency to equip companies with non-disposable equipment within the framework of sustainability, while, of course, aesthetically complementing the beer stand. The collection consists of 8 different, but interconnected plastic decors, with a "sun" motif. There is a space on the tray with a wiped glaze, it is possible to write down in pencil the amount of pints drunk, as used to be done.

The whole set is designed to fit into the self-contained and generous interiors as well as classic pubs. The author realized it in a porcelain factory Dubí.


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