Student projects

Circle of Life

Kristian Rudenko

3rd place in the Best in Design 2020 competition, Product & Industrial Design category, Fišer – Nezpěváková studio

Kristian Rudenko designed a bowl on three legs which can be used both as a bowl for dogs and as a classic storage bowl, whether for fruit, cookies or other household items.

As a bowl for dogs, it makes it easier for dogs to feed, the dog does not have to struggle and slouch, and it can eat in an upright position, which helps the dogs digest. The central circle carries water, so that when drinking, the pet does not splash on the ground but into the outer ring. This in turn carries feed in a narrow trough, slowing down the dog's eating. That it works is demonstrated directly by Kristian, who tested the bowl and checked it daily on his own dog.

The bowl has the option to fit legs of different lengths as needed. On short legs, it can be put in the kitchen for fruit or candy. On long ones, it can serve as an organizer by the entrance. We all have trouble emptying our pockets in the foyer. Many just put their keys and wallets on the living room table or wherever they can. On high legs, the bowl makes it easy and organized. An erogonomically shaped bottom will make it easier to collect change.


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