Student projects

Waterfront Acupuncture - Bluefield of River Váh

FAD STU in Bratislava - Katarína Fejo, Tomáš Hanáček


Urban Design Award 26th year of the competition (2020/2021)


Hodnocení poroty


The task was to transform the city of Trenčín in the concept of various scales. City and Region - XL scale - the task was to prepare a forward-looking forecast of the development of the city and its waterfront. City and zone -L scale, select the site at your own discretion and develop a master plan. City and waterfront -M scale. An important part of the theme was the access to the waterfront, the soft and hard edge, the character and shape of the waterfront zone. City and public spaces -S scale - urban design of public spaces with emphasis on the involvement of landscape solutions.

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