Student projects

Footbridge Klínová cesta

Tereza Červená, Daniel Homola, Lucie Kolenová, Jakub Svitek, Adam Škarka

Oloveny Dusan Award 2018, nomination in the category of Architecture

We walk through the forest, Klinova cesta, by a hiking trail. Soaring. The higher we are, the narrower the foot path is. The forest thickens. Huge trees surround the space around. When the path suddenly turns, the branches spread apart and the path crosses the Deep Ditch. A beautiful view of the valley and the opposite southern slopes stretches out in front of your eyes. Under the feet, the water hums steeply downward from the heights of the towering mountains. We are standing on our footbridge. The path we follow naturally follows the terrain of the slope. Therefore we twist our footbridge with two main beams to leave the path in the direction determined by nature. A person does not just want to go through this place. Through the sight of the surroundings, the roaring water under your feet and the waterfall behind you, directly encourages you to stop and enjoy these beauties. By designing the footbridge at this place we offer space for rest and slowing down. We are located in the avalanche area, so our task was to design a new bridge that can withstand the impact of large amounts of snow. We created a footbridge without any protrusions. A footbridge that spans a seven-meter span and naturally connects two sites terminated at different height levels. We use an external higher beam, along whose upper line we run a bench that is turned directly into the valley of the mountains. Meanwhile, the deck between two beams gradually rises, until at the end it merges with the horizontal seating line and interconnects with the adjacent footpath going on. The main load-bearing structure consisting of twisted steel strips is interconnected by rolled IPE profiles carrying other, already wooden layers. They are made of cedar wood, which exceeds most commonly available wood materials. The fasteners are hidden from the eyes on the underside of the structure. We have created a footbridge connecting many, with the humility that the beauty of the Krkonoše National Park deserves.

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