Student projects

Museum of Water

Marek Schneider, ateliér Rothbauer

Oloveny Dusan Award 2018, nomination in the category of Architecture

This project was solved as part of a new development project in Prague's Holešovice district. The aim was to propose a museum building at the selected location, which would be a new destination for the residents and would increase their awareness of the river. The design itself is a museum building and content is directly based on its location. It is a water museum, which is designed as an interactive museum, and in addition to the permanent exhibition, which consists mainly of water itself, there is space for temporary exhibitions, concerts and various lectures. The building is separated from the other proposed buildings by a park and creates a destination point for the entire territory. This is also the basis for the massive design of the building, which follows the ground plan of the port scythe, accentuates its ending and escalates into a sharp corner. Counterweight is the facade facing the park, where the main entrance. The proposed museum has four floors. The interior spaces are designed to give the impression of connecting the house with water. There are several water features that together form a water cycle, which the visitor gradually follows during the entire visit to the museum.

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