Student projects

Housing Břevnov

Adam Bažant

Oloveny Dusan Award 2018, nomination in the category of Architecture

The semestral task was to design housing in Břevnov, where various urban structures meet. The fragmented area provided few clues to grasp the area where dilapidated garages are currently located. The place is characterized by complex morphology, mild remoteness, but also by calmness. An important element in the design was the presence of the wall of the Břevnov Monastery garden, behind which a large orchard sprawls and through wide views of Ladronka and lower Břevnov open. I propose five new houses that parallel to the terrain and shorten towards the east. Towards the street I build five identical facades that take over the scale of the neighboring villa. Towards the monastic garden, the houses descend terribly, so they retreat and disappear from the front of the house. The long houses on the ground floor are punctured with passages, from which are accessible maisonettes, which have direct access to the terrain. The maisonette is supported by an apartment building. The houses are located in a garden that is accessible to all residents of the structure, it allows you to dry your laundry, read under the trees, swing the baby on a swing. The garden is separated from the street by a low wall.

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