Student projects

Housing Břevnov

Tomáš Fiala

Oloveny Dusan Award 2018, nomination in the category of Architecture

Three apartment buildings forming a semi-private courtyard on a picturesque plot with endless views. A place of tranquility lined by a wall with a monastery orchard. There are housing estates from many decades of the last century, student dormitories, hospitals and townhouses. The plot offers (above) standard living near the city and nature. We present apartments that allow everyone to choose a home to become a home. Each apartment with access out. Conservative and contemporary. The main figure of the three houses forms an uncompressive block. The reason is not so much the neighborhood to which it would build, but the adjacent monastery orchard surrounded by a wall - an intimate space, the world for itself. A place where everyone finds peace, space to think and relax. It was this experience that was very powerful for me and I would like it to be felt by the inhabitants of the block. An experience that symbolizes home. The houses are carefully designed to create such space. It acts like a bay that wanders around as you wonder what you might find inside. The main moment comes at the gap between the houses at the monastery wall, where there is a bench overlooking the monastery and Ladronka. The ubiquitous view of the surroundings is another very powerful motif that has fundamentally influenced the overall design. Each house is surrounded by continuous balconies that give a person the freedom to come out to either side, thus enhancing a sense of attachment to the surrounding space. The balconies thus create “front gardens” for all apartments, whether on the ground floor or on other floors, and at the same time act as a very personal space in which the boundary between being inside or outside is cleared - the key is that we are still home. The balconies are retractable by fabric roller shutters to allow diffused light, shade, reflect wind and mainly create privacy. The structure of the houses themselves is very similar. The depth of the houses is 11.4 m with the communication core inside. The supporting system is chosen so that the layout of the apartments is very free. The determining arrangement inside is a regular French window grid, installation cores and a bearing wall extending from the communication core.

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