Student projects

Dvory community

Pavel Samek

Oloveny Dusan Award 2018, nomination in the category of Architecture

Komořany. Hourglass shaped land. An empty place, a lifeless place, only passing cars passing by. The Komorians need places to gather together to form a community. I connect the pedestrian axis with a place in the center of Komořany. I'm tearing down the wall of the engineering plants. I'm replacing it with a market. The regions of the pedestrian axis are defined by two houses with courtyards abounding with life. One house for culture, the other for sport.

House of Culture

A house with exterior walls. What's behind the wall? What's in the wall? There's life. Intimate, yet open, multi-directional space, paved yard, lawn strips, trees as a haven from the summer sun, sitting and sipping coffee at the piano tone from the main hall of the community center, concert, kids jumping on trampolines, two old men playing chess , books in niches, reading in a hammock, grilling, birthday party in the summer kitchen, a group of cyclists heading to a bicycle rental, a man passing by, evenings with an open-air cinema. They will be streaming Four Rooms by Quentin Tarantino. People are waiting for a bus, bicycle racks.


A ground plan extension of the traces of the original engineering plant, a marketplace instead of a factory wall, gate to engineering, interaction of locals with engineers, lineage of market, sales points in cells, cell interspaces - place for communication, eating "trdelník" at Christmas markets, drinking mead at fairs, Goat's cheese tasting at farmers' markets, food discussions, kids running around the ice cream counter, sitting on the stairwells, observing the surroundings from the roof of the marketplace, the cyclist's bell clinking at the running children, leaking sunlight through the adjacent alley lining the path along.

House for sport

A house on the edge of a forest, a place for sports, a man taking a break from running stretchich his muscles, fitness equipment, standing bikes in racks, a basketball match in full swing, score 2: 1, standing spectators around, waiting players on substitution bench in connecting neck changing rooms and sports, watching the forest from the substitute bench, people passing by from the lessons of martial arts headed to the showers, lifting weights, running on a treadmill, track pitch of the second floor, gym, playing billiards, table football, refreshing water from drinking fountains, a post-match meeting with a drink in the clubhouse.

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