Student projects

Porcelain furniture handle

Vilém Brýdl

Oloveny Dusan Award 2018, nomination in the category of Design

My goal was to create a furniture handle that could withstand chemicals, cleaning agents and at the same time was resistant to water and moisture. I managed to design a furniture handle made of Diturvit, which is a high-strength stoneware material with a processing process very similar to porcelain technology. With the difference that it is not translucent and has a stronger shard. Therefore it was a perfect fit for my purpose, to place the handle primarily in the bathrooms. I am not saying that the handle is intended only for bathrooms. If someone wants to use it, for example, in kitchen spaces, garden kitchens, but also in living areas and children's rooms, it is perfectly suited for this type of use too. You can choose from several colour and size variants. The base is a round handle with a diameter of 70 mm. This is followed by oval-shaped handles of 150 mm and 300 mm in length. The colors are 3 basic. 100% white, 50% gray and 100% black. In the future, various colours will be added at the customer's request, as well as a fine blue imprint following the popular "onion pattern" and a low relief with a design structure.

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