Student projects

Variable shelving system

Lucie Koudelková

Oloveny Dusan Award 2018, the winning project in the category of Design

My design is a variable metal shelf system. One of the main criteria in its design was that the product would allow a potential customer to transport easily. Therefore, it consists of elements that can be connected together by eight countersunk screws - the shelf system is thus completely removable. The individual elements can be easily stacked during transport - their maximum length is 1600 and width 340 mm. The metal structure consists of twisted steel tubes with a diameter of twenty millimeters - the rounded shapes give a pleasant impression in the interior and are also safe for households with children, the design does not forget to anchor the product to the wall. Shelves, tl. sheet 1.5 mm, are in the design not only to achieve a uniform surface treatment, but also because of their composition and variability. Thanks to the bevelled edges and the steel bars, which can be freely placed in the pre-drilled hole pattern, the shelves can be folded within the entire product design not only one, but also two and three side by side, thus increasing the variability of the storage space. This system allows the potential customer to create storage space exactly according to their needs. White color is used intentionally in the design, mainly because of the exhibited objects, which have a chance to excel. The whole shelf system is placed on rectifying feet to compensate for uneven floors. The depth of the product is 370 mm. The inspiration for the design was metal, pipes, pure simple shapes and lines, intersection of horizontal and vertical planes.

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