Student projects

Birthing house Letná

Vojtěch Ružbatský

Diploma projects 2017 competition, 2nd place (common)

The thesis solves the design of the birth house on the limited land of the polyclinic garden in Letná in Prague. The birthing house offers the desired safe alternative to birth in hospitals. A house designed on the border of the city and the park naturally descends the slope. The proximity to the polyclinic building creates tension, and the two buildings together define the garden and give it a more intimate scale. The garden facade of the polyclinic remains free from the street, so the place remains clear and concise. The slope is present in the house by a straight staircase following its shape. The inner corridor is illuminated by a skylight, which composes the building. The house is connected to the embankment street by a classic street facade, the park becomes a pavilion.

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