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Diploma projects

Čestmír Suška and Arjana Shameti Gallery

Schmiedová Klára

Architecture and Urbanism, bachelor_project_type


Gallery of Čestmír Suška and Arjany Shameti is a place, where art affects people through exposition and creation itself. Artists from whole world work there on their works. The building and surroundings are an inspiration for the artist and also for the visitors. The location of the gallery - Tachovské náměstí, Prague 10 - brings connection of interior with urban and natural landscape. The Vítkov park offers free space for artworks. Art exhibits aren't only inside the gallery, but they escape out. They became part of public space. The main communication route is represented by Koněvova street and tunnel of Žižkov. These routes bring people from Karlín and from all over Prague to the gallery. Gallery is connected to the square for the surrounding sloping terrain. The main entrance to the building is from Koněvova street. The entrance hall invites us to the inner garden. The garden offers an isolated space from the surrounding square. Here the visitors have the opportunity to look under the artists hands - look into the studio. After this experience they can go to the exhibition area. The simple and clean interior offers place for many types od art. The main focus is on the staircase that shows the view of the interior from different perspective. The roof lighting brings soft and natural light to the interior. Above the entrance area of the gallery is designed housing for artists. The apartment is directly connected to the studio and has own entrance from the square. On the lower floor of the gallery the visitors can find the multifunction hall. This hall is used for theatrical performers of Arjana Shameti, educational lectures and projection. The window in the hall offers a view of the Žižkov tunnel. Passers-by are curious about what's happening in the building. The building invites people inside. The Bachelor thesis contains architectural, structural, static, fire safety, technical and implementation solutions. The work contains also solution of part of the interior. Each section includes technical report and technical drawing section.

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