Admission Procedure

Entrance exams are held for the Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. For the Master’s degree, selection is portfolio based, and for Doctoral candidates it is already assumed they are clear regarding the field they want to pursue further education in. Details can be found in the information regarding individual study programs.

Studies in both, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs, are subject to tuition fees. Please refer to Tuition fees website.

Information about the admission procedure to the MA Programs

The application must be submitted electronically at within the given deadlines. The application fee is 850 CZK. The electronic application must include scans of the documents listed below, which the applicant must submit in a certified copy in case of enrolment.

All required documents need to be submitted to an online storage as PDF files up to 2 weeks after closing the applications the latest (non EU applicants 14. 4. 2022, EU applicants 14. 6. 2022)

All documents need to be named in this way: surname-name-application code-document name. Only applicants who will submit all required documents will be admitted for the application procedure.

Required documents:

  • Proof of proper completion of an appropriate accredited Bachelor's degree programme, or confirmation of ongoing studies. (A certified copy of the diploma will be required upon enrolment)
  • For applicants who have obtained a bachelor's degree abroad, the recognition of this degree in the Czech Republic is a condition - NOSTRIFICATION (sufficient to upload before enrolment),
  • English language certificate:
    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) result at least 550 (paper-based test) or 213 (computer- based) or 80 (Internet-based), or IELTS (academic version) overall Score of at least 6.0, or BA degree in English
  • A4 format Portfolio (up to 30 pages and up to 20MB) will include documentation of all school projects or other projects of an architectural or design nature developed by the applicant individually or in a team (in this case a specification of the applicant's share of work on the project has to be confirmed by the project's authors)
  • Statement by the applicant for the authorship of the work submitted
  • CV and Motivational letter

15/2 - 31/3/2023

Application period for MA study programs in EN - non EU for AY 2022/23

3/4 - 28/4/2023

Application period for Ph.D. studies

15/4 - 31/5/2023

Application period for MA study programs in EN - EU for AY 2022/23


Admission procedure to Ph.D. study programs



English Master's degree coordinator
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Office hours

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English Doctoral degree students coordinator

room 150


Faculty of Architecture Department of Science and Research, Czech Technical University in Prague


Admission procedure for academic year 2022/23

The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague has announced the admission procedures for those interested in doctoral studies starting in the academic year 2022/2023. The admission procedures have been announced for the study program Architecture and Urbanism (specialization: Architecture, Theory and Creation; History of Architecture and Monument Care; Urbanism and Spatial Planning; Architecture, Construction and Technology; Landscape Architecture) and Smart Cities. The dissertation thesis themes will be posted on on 31 March 2022. The deadline for applications is 30 April 2022. The admission procedures (language test, interview, etc.) will take place on 15 June 2022. 

DISSERTATION THEMES FOR STUDY PROGRAMs IN ENGLISH FOR aCADEMIC YEAR 2022/2023:                                  aRCHITECTURE AND URBANISM                                          sMART CITIES

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