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Architecture and Urbanism


Studio Enrolment Procedure

The only accepted form of student enrollment in the studio will be a student sheet signed by both the student and the head of the studio (the heads of the studios will bring these to meetings). The heads of the studios will hand over copies of the student's sheets to the relevant secretariats; Registration of studios in the KOS components is fully the responsibility of the secretariats. Students are asked not to record their enrollment in the studio course themselves; any unconfirmed registrations will be deleted. The student’s original sheets are archived by the heads of the studios.

Information for unplaced students

Follow this page – the studios should regularly update their available capacity or date of further meetings here. If you are unsuccessful in enrollment anywhere, please send an e-mail to informing of this, and including the type of project you need to study this semester.

Availability of studios

As soon as you are registered in KOS by the secretariat, the studio should be made available on your smart card the next day. For trouble-free launching of the system, please check that the secretariats have actually enrolled you, that is, that your studio head has turned in the student sheets.

Studio courses

Studio teaching is divided into two stages. The first two semesters take place in the studios of the first year, to which students are assigned alphabetically. From the 2nd year onwards, teaching continues in vertical studios, to which students apply according to the studio of their choice, after agreement with the head of the studio.

During the master's program, the student completes the following courses: Design Studio IV, Design Studio V, Design Studio VI, Diploma Seminar Studio, Diploma Project Studio.

35 results

Studio Achten – Pavlíček - Nováková

The design studio reflects the research and education of the department of architectural modelling. We do not only focus on the final presentation of the design, but specifically focus also on the strategy and design...

Full capacity

Studio Cikán

It is based on group cooperation of students of the master's and bachelor's programs, the aim of which is to formulate a comprehensive view of the site from urbanism to the object and its detail. The output is then...

Studio Císler

Studio Efler - Vernacular Architecture Heritage Design Studio

The studio focuses on rural architecture and historical buildings of Central European space: both renovation, conservation and regeneration of buildings and new architecture in the context of rural and historical...

Studio Florián (FLOW) / Kurilla - Prokop

CLOSED FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS MOTTO ● Architecture cannot be taught ● It is true by Idea to Performance ● It is necessary to alter our routine of thinking and move in a new direction ● It is important to...

Studio Fránek

Visiting professor's studio. The studio solves environmental approach to building, water and plant elements in architecture, its experimental language, which is in harmony with the place. From standards to the expected...

Studio Girsa - Architectural Conservation Heritage Design Studio - 553

We focus on tasks related to the care of the historical building stock and new construction in the historical environment (transformation, completion, new development in vacant lots, creation with emphasis on context).

Full capacity

Studio Hájek - Hulín

The studio is centered around the interconnection of research and research projects and real world work. Assigned tasks emphasize creative thinking and mastering specific working methods. The topics explored are...

Studio Hanson

The Landscape & Architecture studio blurs the differences between architecture and landscape architecture and introduces systemically regenerative and structurally sound designs. The subjects in the studio reveal the...

Studio Hlaváček – Čeněk

We strive to pass on to students the most important thing - enthusiasm for architecture. "I try to create homes, not houses." Louis Kahn.

Studio Hradečný – Hradečná

In exploring the (unstoppable) city and (unstoppable) landscape, we develop the principles of our work - seeking correlations in space and time, considering the meaning of proposed solutions and justifying our own...

Full capacity

Studio Juha

We design buildings for health industry, spa, rehabilitation, leisure and sport. We look for the relationship of function and architecture and explore them interaction. We are mainly interested in the position,...

Studio Klokočka

Our goal is to create a modern urban design studio that focuses on current and universal urban design. Based on several specific project assignments, it will address a number of urban themes and the development of...


Studio Kohout – Tichý

We focus primarily on projects related to housing, or to occupation of the built environment in general. The key is to understand the residential quality of buildings and environments at all scale levels - from...

Studio Kolařík

Our studio provides an environment for contemplation on how to place and design buildings of all sorts of typologies, on how a city should be designed, how a landscape should be formed. Our assignments are always...

Studio Kordovský

The studio places emphasis on finding a path for designing buildings in the real world, but in which there is still room to dream. The work assignments are based on real-life problems in a real environment with emphasis...

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