Rektor ČVUT v souvislosti s opatřeními ke snížení rizika nákazy koronavirem zrušil veškeré pracovní a studijní cesty do Číny. Podrobnosti v Příkazu rektora č. 5/2020

study plans

Study plans specify the conditions for enrollment in courses and the fulfillment of the requirements for the successful completion of study programs and indicate the recommended order of courses. The audited section of study is the academic year and the check is always performed before the start of the new academic year.

Students in higher grades may enroll for courses in a different order than that outlined in the recommended study plans, but it is necessary to respect the continuity of some subjects. More information regarding this is available in the so-called White Book.

Download the White Book from the previous year 2018/2019


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