FA equal to all

The Faculty of Architecture of the CTU is now home to more than 1500 students and 180 male and female employees. The faculty's goal is to cultivate not only professional knowledge, but also to create an open, respectful and fair learning and working environment. The faculty cares about the health and mental well-being of its male and female students*and employees*and making them feel good at FA.

From January 2023, the FA CTU ombudswoman will provide assistance in matters of the culture of the study and working environment, ethics and prevention of abuse of power. Any student or staff member can contact the ombudswoman with specific or general suggestions. The Equal Opportunities Committee of the FA CTU is active in the field of equal opportunities and the creation of a fair and respectful environment.

At the university level, CIPS (Centre for Information and Counselling Services of CTU) provides expert advice and assistance in solving study, personal, family and legal problems. For students with special needs, ELSA (Centre for Support of Students with Special Needs of CTU) also offers advice to lecturers on how to modify teaching for students with special needs.

The Academic Senate of the FA CTU and the Academic Senate of the CTU provide a space for dialogue on issues of conceptual nature and functioning of the school. The meetings of the senates are open to the public, so it is possible to attend them and participate in the debates. You can also contact your student and academic senators* with questions and suggestions.

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