Smart cities (ph.d.)

Technical innovations permeate all areas of our lives and in the medium and long term affect the way we use and develop the built environment of cities, technical and transport infrastructure, public spaces, and buildings themselves. New technologies are also affecting the way we plan, design, and manage cities.


The Smart Cities doctoral program is jointly guaranteed by the CTU Faculty of Transport and the CTU Faculty of Architecture and offers students the competencies of both closely related fields that significantly influence the shape of our cities.

The aim of the study is to prepare students to solve complex analytical, decision-making and implementation processes in the field of transport, urban planning and design. A graduate of the Smart Cities doctoral program will acquire knowledge in the field of mobility, city planning and urbanism, system sciences, or logistics. The graduates will be initiators of research and development projects to improve the organization of the city and to increase the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Every doctoral candidate reports to a specific tutor, who is an expert in the given subject. The tutor then guides the candidate throughout the entire period of study, and is present at all examinations from the entrance exams to the defence of the thesis.

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