It pays to study well. Granting of scholarships to FA students is subject to the CTU Scholarship Rules. You can find more information about more scholarship on the CTU website. Scholarships are paid out via cashless bank transfer to the Czech bank account, which you have entered in the KOS system.  


The scholarship is intended for foreign students who wish to take a Master study program at CTU and who display qualities that entitle them to the award of this scholarship. The application has to be submitted after the completion of the first year through the International Office and approved by the Dean. 

The following students are not eligible for this scholarship: Erasmus+ students at CTU, Exchange students at CTU, CTU foreign students receiving a government scholarship, and other scholarship holders.

Conditions and procedures for awarding scholarships to foreign students studying Master Degree study programs at the FA CTU

Application form for a Scholarship at CTU


The accommodation scholarship is not conditional on living in a dormitory. The scholarship is paid automatically, quarterly. There is no need to apply for a scholarship. The status and amount of the awarded scholarship can be verified (after logging in KOS) in the Scholarship application.

The following students are not eligible for this scholarship: English program students.


A full time student who has studied in the standard period of study and has a weighted average of less than or equal to 1.50 is eligible for a merit scholarship. The detailed conditions for awarding a merit scholarship at the FA are stipulated by the Dean's Decree. If the applicant is not a CTU student in the current academic year, he / she is not entitled to a scholarship for results from the previous academic year.

Application form for FA Merit Scholarship

Professor Miroslav Vlček's extraordinary scholarship

The extraordinary scholarship of Professor Miroslav Vlček is awarded to foreign students who contribute spreading the good name of the CTU reputation beyond the study duties. The scholarship is a one-time thing (CZK 30,000) and can be given to students in Master's degree programmes in particular. During the study period, a student may be awarded only once. A student nomination form for an extra scholarship needs to be sent to Erika Lahká.


CTU Students can also receive financial support from other foundations, grants, and funds. To support mobility, a fund has been established for students leaving for study stays abroad (for ex. Erasmus+) and students traveling abroad for other activities that are in the interests of CTU (for example, ATHENS); it is also possible to take advantage of scholarship programs offered by universities abroad.

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