We support the research and creative activities of academic staff and students of our faculty. The support is provided by the Department of Science and Research of the FA. The FA Academic Competition (FUČ, editorial activities, FA Science and Arts Council) is in charge of Gabriela Thompson. SGS (Student Grant Competition), SVK (Student Scientific Conferences) are managed by Ivana Christová. V3S and RIV (Register of Scientific and Research Outputs), RUV (Register of Artistic Outputs) are in the care of Jan Calta.

You can find calls for projects and grants in the Anlupa application, which enables easy automatic search and monitoring of calls for research, experimental development and innovation projects announced by national and foreign grant providers.

direct contact

mgr. gabriela thompson

+420 22435 6228

Ivana christová

+420 22435 6227

Mgr. Jan Calta

+420 22435 6352

Bc. Jarmila Vokounová

+420 22435 6224

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