Rektor ČVUT v souvislosti s opatřeními ke snížení rizika nákazy koronavirem zrušil veškeré pracovní a studijní cesty do Číny. Podrobnosti v Příkazu rektora č. 5/2020


Distance learning is not available at the Faculty of Architecture. On the other hand, it is possible to continue your education almost indefinitely – even if you get expelled! Although it will cost you something, the dean can recognize your exams. Besides this, experienced practitioners can deepen their knowledge in special fields. Lifelong learning at the Faculty of Architecture is governed by Act No. 111/98 Coll. as amended, and CTU’s Lifelong Learning Statutes.

Study of individual subjects within the scope of study programs

Even someone who is not currently a student of the FA can, for a fee, complete the study of an individual subject, which the Dean can then recognize. The conditions are the same as in the case of regular study.

This option relates to the study of individual courses that in terms of content and credit are in line with the courses of accredited FA study plans. Participants in lifelong learning complete courses under the same conditions as students engaged in a regular course of study (they can only be persons who are not simultaneously regular students of the Faculty of Architecture).

Applicants must apply for acceptance by means of a written enrollment application, along with listing their chosen courses to the study department, to officer Jana Říhová, at the latest by the end of the first week of the semester. The list of selected subjects must include a consent from the teacher regarding enrollment in the relevant course.

Each participant in lifelong learning concludes a contract, which stipulates the amount for the completion of the selected subjects/courses. The fee for completing individual courses is CZK 2,500 for 1 credit and the resulting amount must be paid before the start of study to account number 19-5505650247/0100, variable symbol 148. After this, the payer receives a lifelong learning participant card, and upon request can also get a guest card (CZK 100). In the event of admission to full-time study, the Dean may, upon written request, recognize courses completed in the framework of lifelong learning that have been rated A, B or C, up to 60% of the total credit burden of the given study program.

Language Courses

The Department of Languages at the Faculty of Architecture not only gives students knowledge of professional terminology in a foreign language, but also organizes courses for CTU employees and the public. Foreigners, on the other hand, can register for a Czech language course. CTU Faculty of Architecture students can take advantage of general language courses as a preparation for the mandatory language exam. Standard courses include English, French, German, as well as Czech for foreigners; other languages can be taught if enough students are interested. For details on all language courses, see the Department of Languages page.

University of the Third Age

The Faculty University of the Third Age courses in Czech, which are intended for those whose seek fulfillment by expanding their professional knowledge and skills. The courses are open to seniors over the age of 55, who are receiving an old-age pension. These Faculty of Architecture courses mainly offer topics from the history of architecture or drawing.

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