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9. 4. 2021: A new book by Dalibor Hlaváček and Martin Čeněk from the Faculty of Architecture of CTU – Teaching [Sustainable] Architecture

Rather than a statement, there is a question mark in the title. Much like architecture is a multifaceted discipline, a publication works with many ingredients. The synthesis is left to the reader.

29. 3. 2021: Urban Design Award student architectural competition highlighted projects with environmental and social overlap

The Jubilee 25th annual contest, previously known as the Best Urban Project Competition, has seen some new developments this year. Nine European Architecture Schools took part, with students submitting a total of 60 competitive proposals. Applications were submitted for the first time only online, the jury of the competition met only remotely, and the announcement of the winners was broadcast live from the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague. Unfortunately, the audience was missing, and for the second consecutive year, the opening of a touring exhibition of award-winning projects was not possible.

24. 3. 2021: A new book on industrial architecture in post-war Czechoslovakia was published

The Research Centre for Industrial Heritage of FA CTU in Prague published a book entitled Finding Universality. Context of industrial architecture in Czechoslovakia 1945–1992. The publication approximates the background processes that brought the transformation of the modern factory from an individually conceived technical-architectural work into a universal and abstract one.

5. 3. 2021: The emphasis on landscape revitalisation and materials recycling was highlighted by the jury of the student competition of the Architecture Students’ Association

This year, the Architecture Students’ Association at the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague held the 28th annual Olověný Dušan competition for the best architectural and design projects at the Faculty. This year's theme - No Borders - was based on moving the competition to an online environment and the resulting opportunity to address judges. The announcement of the results, preceded by lectures by individual members of the international jury, took place at CAMP on March 4, 2021.

1. 3. 2021: The 9th annual Druhá kůže competition show featured a record number of nominations. Six of them take home awards

The competition show of the best designs of residential buildings is organised for students of the second year of the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague. It presents different approaches to designing housing. The show contributes to reflecting studio teaching and discussing the methodology of designing (not just) residential structures. Up to three projects can be nominated for the competition by each studio leader where the assignment was dealt with. Totaling 30 projects have been nominated in previous years; this year's class is reporting a record despite the distance learning: 44 nominations from 18 studios.

22. 2. 2021: The FA CTU student proposed how to make the landscape around the Zlatá stoka more attractive and return it to its original purpose, and won an international award for it

Zlatá stoka, Kateřina Průchová's diploma project ranked among the top 12 projects of the international Young Talent Architecture Awards (YTAA). In a work created in the studio Novotný–Koňata–Zmek, the author offers attractive architectural and urban solutions in the landscape around Zlatá stoka, a once indispensable canal in the south of Bohemia.

8. 1. 2021: Unbuilt architecture often gives a very eloquent statement about its time, says prof. Petr Vorlík about the new book

The book unbuilt / architecture of the 1980s is a joint work of a collective of authors from the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague under the lead of editors Petr Vorlík and Klára Brůhová. It represents, as the title implies, unrealised architectural and urban designs created in the 1980s.

15. 12. 2020: The world is not disposable, says architect Petr Vorlík in a new book on defunct structures from 1948–1989

A new publication entitled Architecture on the red list / Normal is not to demolish is published, which will please not only experts but also laymen interested in architecture. Its authors are experts from the Department of Theory and History of Architecture and students from the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague. In specific examples, they describe the mechanisms of the demise of Czech architecture in the postwar period and call for public debate.

27. 11. 2020: A construction-historical survey of experts from the Faculty of Architecture of CTU showed the extraordinary quality of the details of the New Scene building of the National Theatre

A team of experts from the Department of Theory and History of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague, led by Prof. Peter Vorlik and PhDr. Miroslav Pavel, Ph.D., completed a seven-month construction-historical survey of the vast architectural suite of the New Scene and Restaurant Building of the National Theatre, which was created in the 1970s and 1980s.

26. 11. 2020: Faculty of Architecture CTU presents student works from stays abroad

The Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague presents student studio projects that arose during foreign study stays last academic year. Like many other events, their exhibition could not take place in its usual physical form and moved to the virtual environment of the Gallery on the website

19. 10. 2020: Open Days at the FA CTU will only take place online

Due to anti-epidemic measures, the traditional days full of information about the study and the conditions of the entrance exams at our school will take place mainly in the online environment.

11. 10. 2020: Three buildings carried out by students of CTU's Faculty of Architecture won honorary recognition from the Grand Prix of Architects

The shelter, footbridge and flagpole, three structures carried out by architecture students received an honorary recognition of the Grand Prix of Architects - National Architecture Awards 2020. The projects were created in the studio Hlaváček – Čeněk in the Faculty of Architecture of CTU. They were awarded by a jury whose members included Dutch studio partner MVRDV Fokke Moerel or French Pritzker Prize winner Christian de Portzamparc. The announcement was made on 8 October 2020 in the form of an online video stream.

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