Studio Enrolment Procedure

The only accepted form of student enrollment in the studio will be a student sheet signed by both the student and the head of the studio (the heads of the studios will bring these to meetings). The heads of the studios will hand over copies of the student's sheets to the relevant secretariats; Registration of studios in the KOS components is fully the responsibility of the secretariats. Students are asked not to record their enrollment in the studio course themselves; any unconfirmed registrations will be deleted. The student’s original sheets are archived by the heads of the studios.

Information for unplaced students

Follow this page – the studios should regularly update their available capacity or date of further meetings here. If you are unsuccessful in enrollment anywhere, please send an e-mail to informing of this, and including the type of project you need to study this semester.

Availability of studios 

As soon as you are registered in KOS by the secretariat, the studio should be made available on your smart card the next day. For trouble-free launching of the system, please check that the secretariats have actually enrolled you, that is, that your studio head has turned in the student sheets.

Studio courses

Studio teaching is divided into two stages. The first two semesters take place in the studios of the first year, to which students are assigned alphabetically. From the 2nd year onwards, teaching continues in vertical studios, to which students apply according to the studio of their choice, after agreement with the head of the studio.

During the master's program, the student completes the following courses: Design Studio IV, Design Studio V, Design Studio VI, Diploma Seminar Studio, Diploma Project Studio.

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