The Faculty of Architecture does not have its own association of former students Alumni FA. Our graduates can stay in touch with the school and the university through the Alumni CTU and Friends Association.

The Alumni CTU organizes regular events for its members, which informs on its website (where you can register) and in the form of newsletters.

You can find your former classmates from the Faculty of Architecture in the alumni lists made on the occasion of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the reinstatement of FA CTU in 2016 and published in the FA CTU 1976–2016 publication.

Pavel Hnilička

Pavel Hnilička Architekti

"The living city may not be perfect, aesthetically polished, aseptically clean and sunny. We need residual, unscrupulous, strange, unused places and positive disturbances in the careful order we have imposed on ourselves. This can only be achieved by mixing a new one with an existing one."

Petr Vorlík

contributes to getting to know the post-war Czech architecture and saving the disappearing industrial heritage

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