Graduate Employment

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture is a highly-educated expert, a standing that opens a wide range of employment opportunities - in an architectural office, in the government, or the option of embarking on an academic career path, and starting to teach. If, however, someone is attracted by a narrow field of interest, he or she can, of course, specialize and become an expert in that field.

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The Master‘s study program Architecture and Urbanism (Ing. Arch.) has been recognised by the EU and included in Annex 5 to the Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications, as it meets the requirements for the education of architects defined by Council Directives 85/384/EEC and 2005/36/EC. Thanks to this, graduates may apply for registration in EU countries and conduct their work abroad without having to document the scope of their studies or knowledge in the field.

Studying at our school is certainly no waste of time, and graduates have no difficulty in finding employment.


The field of activity for architects, urban designers and urban planners is truly wide – ranging from the design of small-scale buildings, such as recreational cottages, to large residential or administrative buildings, the revitalization of heritage sites, and the design of urban complexes, to the consideration of the concept and development of large residential areas; from details to an overall view of the world around us.

"Architecture as a refined artistic endeavour will maybe cease to exist, but it can never disappear on the level of arrangement and harmonizing of social relations."

Josef Pleskot

The most respected contemporary Czech architect

"Building is a joy!"

Juraj Matula, Richard Sidej a Martin Tycar

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Indispensable in designing public spaces and cultural landscapes, the landscape designer collaborates in the development of urban regulatory and land-use plans. He or she has fundamental knowledge of architecture and urbanism, yet is also thoroughly familiar with the environmental impacts of construction. Therefore, for larger projects, the landscape architect can also function as a mediator between the government and the public.


From a pencil that will sit well in your fingers, to a shock-absorbing bicycle frame, a high-quality prosthesis, a machine tool, an excavator to a railway car: it is the designer's job to create an object or machine that is well-built, functional, yet beautiful. Moreover, graduates in this field are well versed in both traditional and modern technologies.

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