Architecture and Urbanism (Ph.d.)

This program provides an opportunity to continue your education, to specialize, or to prepare for an academic track and find employment as a teacher or researcher. The standard period of study, which can be completed either through attendance or distance learning, and even in English, is 3 to 4 years. In the study context, you can also participate in research projects at the Faculty of Architecture. If you choose the option to attend in person, and wish to use a scholarship, you must also participate in teaching.


FA CTU offers doctoral study programme Architecture and Urbanism in five fields of study:


  1. Architecture, Theory and Creation

  2. Urban Design and Spatial Planning

  3. History of Architecture and Monument Conservation

  4. Architecture, Building and Technology

  5. Landscape Architecture


The teaching staff at the Faculty of Architecture does not consist solely of academics, but also, above all, includes people connected with professional practice - experts who are important figures in many different fields. This is something you can benefit from greatly. As you will be involved in teaching or perhaps participating in one of the research projects, you will not only be able to observe their work first hand, but also continuously consult them regarding various aspects of your own projects.


Every doctoral candidate reports to a specific tutor, who is an expert in the given subject. The tutor then guides the candidate throughout the entire period of study, and is present at all examinations from the entrance exams to the defence of the thesis.


Often, graduates find employment at the Faculty of Architecture as teachers or researchers devoted to the subjects they specialized in. Acquiring the title of Ph.D. is also, of course, an important moment in one’s career growth; for example, in a government career.

Petr Hájek

Architect of unusual creations with deeply thought-out artistic effect

Irena Fialová

Pedagogue, author of books on modern architecture


These exams are in the form of an interview before a commission, with the participation of the candidate’s advisor. A prerequisite is the completion of a Master’s education in a related or associated programme relating to the thesis. The candidate must demonstrate basic knowledge of and interest in the chosen subject, to which he or she wishes to devote himself or herself over the course of study. More information can be found here.


The prerequisite is the successful completion of the subjects in the study block. The exam takes place before an expert commission composed of professors and associate professors at the Faculty of Architecture along with notable practicing professionals, and its successful completion is a condition for the completion, submission and subsequent defence of the student’s thesis.

doctoral Dissertation

In contrast to the lower degrees, where the student’s final work is a dissertation in the form of a thesis, which is theoretical. It can take the form of publications with related texts and is submitted in English. The defence is public. An exceptional thesis has a chance of being published as a monography.

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