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Architecture and Urbanism

control test of BA knowledge

It is recommended that newly enrolled students of the 1st Master's year of the AU EN programme sign up for a voluntary control test of their knowledge from the Bachelor's degree at the FA CTU via Moodle as soon as possible after their enrolment.

  • The test consists of questions from the fields of history of architecture, civil engineering and building design and can be taken online until 19. 5. 2023
  • The voluntary control test serves students to detect early on any gaps in their undergraduate knowledge that could undermine the quality of their master's studies, studio projects and diploma project.
  • Registration / Enrolment key: "FST_2023_L​​​​​​​".

If students find that they have gaps in their undergraduate knowledge or English language skills, they are required to fill them in through self-study or tutoring, which they organise and pay for themselves.

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