Final projects

The Residential District Plzeň Slovany

Bc. Adéla Medunová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The topic of this thesis is an urban study of a new residential district on the area of former barracks in Pilsen – Slovany. The study draws from the thesis-related seminar which focused on the analysis of selected examples ofresidential areas in Europe. The main goal is finding a suitable urban structure which will be reflecting the needs of the city with a clear linkage to thesurroundings. The building program and the capacities be designed with respect to the social context in order to create a residential area initiating high-quality social life and functioning neighborhood. With regard to the scale of the area and of the district a local center be defined, optimal structure of public space be designed and clear links to the wider community be set. The solution shows also details of the area illustrating the relationships between houses and their surroundings.

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