Final projects


Zelmanová Nikol

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The master's thesis focuses on the revitalization of the Hamra sports complex in Náchod. It addresses the barriers within the area and transforms the inaccessible space into an urban park connected to the new profile of Pražská Street and the Metuje River. The existing swimming pool and athletics track are complemented by a multifunctional sports hall and a facility building with changing rooms, accommodation, and regeneration facilities associated with sports and the pool. The houses are connected into a unified entity by a wooden facade structure with a promenade in a regular grid. The micro-urbanism of the buildings creates a representative front space for the sports structures, separating the street from the park with sports facilities. The activities in the park communicate with each other, and in addition to the athletics track and sports fields, they integrate a skatepark, workout area, and children's playground into both paved and unpaved areas. Along the Metuje riverbank, a new cycling path, a pedestrian pier, and a kiosk building with facilities for water sports are proposed, which activate the newly accessible riverbank

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