Final projects

Dampfschiff - Block of Flats

Koupil Jan

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


Dampfschiff is one of the longitunedal structures in Volovnice, Kamenická and Hurdálkova block. Our goal: consolidation of the development, revitalization of the place and absorbtion of the people of Nachod into the inner block with services on the ground floors, green spaces, seating, flower beds... I carve and crumble the the mass of the house with steel structures. I highlight the corners and the residents' entrances. I want the vertical to triumph over the horizontal. I divide the building materially: heavy concrete on the ground floor, plaster on the floors. Building is 16 flats of five types (served by a pavilion), with a café, art/craft workshops and a toy shop on the ground floor. There are 2 bike rooms for the residents and a parking on the -1st floor served by a lift.

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