Final projects

Metamorphosis of the Logistics Centre - Hostivice

Šimková Monika

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


We used to have a lot of things. We buy, we collect. However, have we ever thought about how all these needs of ours get to us? Where are these goods stored? When entering the town of Hostivice, we pass several logistics halls. These centers occupy large areas of land. They bring goods here, store it, and then they sent it away again. In some places logisticsi is hidden behind the city, in other way it is no. Warehouses are relatively cheap a quick to build. I refuse the acess of logistics to the city, to country, to people. Warehouses do not belong to the city. I recover the landscape, make the entrance to the city more pleasant. I separate the logistics from the city, divert the trucks to the north. I am giving new space, for the growing city.

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