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Opening of the exhibition by Alena Šrámková Architecture

The book about professor Alena Šrámková was introduced at the opening of the exhibition Alena Šrámková Architecture, which can be seen at the Kampa Museum from 25 October to 12 January. The exhibition was organized by the Kampa Museum in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague and the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague on the 90th anniversary of Alena Šrámková. The authors of the book - an architect, a philosopher and four historians and historians of modern architecture - depict the personality and work of this personality from different angles. The publication was published by KANT Publishing House.

Alena Šrámková is one of the most important personalities of contemporary Czech architecture. She chose 17 works for the exhibition, which commemorates her jubilee of life and which she considers the most important in her work.

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