Erasmus Exhibition

park Milady Horákové


STONES Mílady Horákové park in Ostrava was an old cemetery with a crematorium in the middle. But nowadays it is a place full of nature, and ideal to unwind, with abundant and varied vegetation and lack of life. The proposal to bring life back to the park consists of a clear path organization and the construction of a restaurant and greenhouse. A hierarchisation of trails is proposed, with two main directions. The form symbolizes the value of the stone to the jewish community, keeping the soul in this world. The constructive technique creates the different atmosphere of the stones. The shell is built and set on fire, leaving a blackened and irregular surface.

my key experience from erasmus

It's a pleasure to work in good atmosfere and also with erasmus students to know a little bit more about how are the things done in other places far from my city, Valencia. I am learning and enjoying my time here.

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