Exhibition of Studio Projects

Forest spa

Anna Pavelková, Aneta Rudelová



The forrest spa as the promenade, for the relax, the regeneration and for gain the nature energy. The procedures are leisurely tie in nature’s pavement. The promenade is really good place for walking, meditation, serenity and relax. The follow-up procedures are using for therapy or rehabilitation specially by bathing in the water, the sauna and walking on the Kneipp Pavement.


The topic of whole forrest spa is the uroboros. It means ancient snake’s image whose tail is eaten by himself. This image tries to symbolize cyclic form of things, never ending return from end to beginning. In fact it represents a nature order of human existence and simple life.


The procedures are arranged according to Taoist’s philosophy. The whole world is formed by interaction of five elements as says this philosophy. These elements are water, fire, wood, metal and Earth. Also the balance between these elements is very important.

The mutual effect of these elements and their constant cycle - that’s the origin of everything tangible.

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