Exhibition of Studio Projects

The hole

Šimon Semerák


Conection of school and a castle gardens in Lanškroun. There is a wall in the way. I'm breaking through it. I'm consciously changing history for the benefit of the future. This act should be clear and memorable. I'm creating a circular hole, not a doorway nor a gate, but simply a hole. In order to go through, it's necessary to crouch and crawl, which brings a new, different perception. It raises questions, joy, anger,… I want to go through… The path leads to the hole. Wildly planted greenery randomly grows through the path. The densely overgrown entrance to the path separates it from the rest of the city. The slight spacing of the trees further allows a open view and the almost bare back of the path touching the school building, offers a new and close contact between nature and the city.

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