Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Apartment house Holešovice

Katerina Tomášková


Within the studio, we dealt with the entire area of Nádraží Holešovice. The block is located between Plynární and Vrbenského streets, on the right side opposite the block is the entrance to the metro. It consists of nine apartment buildings, which in addition to housing also offer civic amenities. The apartment building I designed has 6 floors and is located in the eastern part of the block. There is a shop on the ground floor, on the 1st floor on the east side there are office spaces facing the street and towards the courtyard there are 2 apartments 3 + kk. 3rd - 6th floor is dedicated only to housing. A typical floor has 2 flats 3 + kk and 3 flats 2 + kk in the courtyard, which are facing the street. There are a total of 22 apartments in the house. Parking is designed for the entire bloc

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