Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Housing in the city - Výtoň

Jan Pečinka


The location in Prague on Výton fascinated me due to the irregular floor plan and small space, it is a 2 + kk one apartment per floor. The place is located near Náplavka and a short walk from the park with a playground. The house is divided into a private part - 4 apartments with a residential roof, and a public part, which is a shop downstairs. The store is not connected to the private part, you go to the apartments through the left door by the stairs and to the store on the right at the corner of the house. The house has an extensive bay window over almost the entire facade, in which there are strip windows for the possibility of views and lighting of the entire living space. There is a view of Vyšehrad, the Vltava and part of Prague. In the ground floor there is a carriage house and a d

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